Top 5 Favorite Drinks Gay Men Always Order

If you’re looking to impress the hot guy you’ve been eyeing, just order one of these bad boys up and send it over, guarantee he will be head over heels without you having to say a word. These are the top classiest and classic drinks any gay man has in the back of his mind when ordering a drink.

You best believe that these drinks will always be in style and consumed by the finest gay men who know how to drink in style. Don’t hesitate on going out of your way to try one of them; gay men usually know what’s best.

1. The Cosmopolitan:

Ah, the classic Cosmo that has been the hit drink every since the 80’s. Even the gay actors in Sec and the City were known for ordering a Cosmo every chance they got. This is definitely a go-to drink for gay men because it has a strong alcoholic effect but a yummy aftertaste that guarantee’s a good feeling when ordering just a couple of them.

2. Manhattan:

Among the most popular drink in the gay community, every hot man that is well dressed is seen drinking one of these. It even comes with a cherry on top so you can seductively try and tie it with your tongue, giving you an even more of a reason to show off what your mouth can do. Definitely one of your main go to’s for a delicious drink and even more sweet guy to go with it.

3. Rosé Wine:

A little more on the fancier side so if you’re out to dinner and want to impress, order a bottle of this and it will go with absolutely anything. This is the wine that is mostly offered in California wineries to gay couples and given as a complimentary tasting among the tours.

4. Appletini:

Not only is this fruity and sweet but even has a glow in the dark green tint to it, so it’s a perfect drink to order in a dim lighting bar or nightclub. There is nothing more fun than a drink that fits a bubbly and exciting personality, not to mention the apple slices on the rim.

5. Dirty Martini:

It’s all about feeling the alcohol and having a little snack to go with it. Gay men are known for their fit physique’s so buying a drink with a couple of olives on the side isn’t too shabby if that’s what they plan on eating for dinner. A couple of these and you’re ready to meet gays and have a good time.

If you haven’t noticed all of these contain a hefty amount of alcohol so you can already assume you’re in for a good time once the drinks start pouring. Keep these drinks in mind the next time you go out for drinks with a potential partner or even your gay best friend; these will always be the top drinks on their list.