Renovation Science Fiction Writers’ Workshops

Redesign’s topic will be the New Frontiers and there is no outskirts fresher than an essayist making another world and expounding on it. Regardless of whether it depends on a folklore or science, it is a special creation, another wilderness for the perusers. Redesign welcomes individuals who are likewise essayists to invest a portion of… Continue reading Renovation Science Fiction Writers’ Workshops

Myth with Science Fiction Exhibition

Harry Potter' artifacts on display inside MoPOP's 'Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic' exhibition

Muggles visiting MoPOP are welcome to peruse new curios in plain view from the wizarding universe of Harry Potter, which would now be able to be found inside the historical center’s Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic presentation. Introduced as of late were a couple of things utilized in films from the arrangement, including: Harry… Continue reading Myth with Science Fiction Exhibition

Ian Stewart – The Science Guest

Prof-Turned-'Rock Star' Makes Geology Cool

Ian Stewart was brought into the world in 1945 and instructed at Cambridge (MA) and Warwick (PhD). He is a different Emeritus Professor, has five privileged doctorates and is a privileged wizard of Unseen University on Discworld. Educator Stewart is most popular for his mainstream science composing – chiefly on numerical topics. He is one… Continue reading Ian Stewart – The Science Guest

The Film Festival Event

Remodel is eager to have the Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival! The Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival will exhibit the best film shorts, highlights and trailers from around the world, represent considerable authority in the sci-fi, dream, loathsomeness and comic classifications. We are right now working diligently amassing the best and the most abnormal movies to feature… Continue reading The Film Festival Event

Events Blog

Music party at Minicon 41

The Dealers’ Room (additionally referred to some as the Hucksters’ Room) is the Worldcon’s shopping center. About 200 tables spread out with all that you can consider – yet particularly books. DVDs, funnies, prints, dress. Did we make reference to the books? Multiplication weaponry. Model units. Gems. Goodness yes – and the books. A great… Continue reading Events Blog