Sexiest Science Fiction Characters And Actors

Films have proven that science fiction films can be as much fun as they are at the moment. But when it comes to choosing the sexiest and sexiest characters in science fiction and fantasy films, the task is all the more daunting. So we dived in to make a list of the most interesting characters from the best science fiction films of all time. 

Here, however, we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest female actors and acting talents in science fiction movies based on their acting talents. 

Zoe Saldana

The same assumption is also shown with good will – that is, men defend real science fiction created by women authors. The whole notion of the alien warrior princess is so deeply rooted in our culture that it has ultimately rendered any attempt to reinvent the trope unsuccessful, even in movies that portray the character in the same light as the real thing, like Star Wars. Saldana has taken on the role in a number of films, most notably Star Trek: The next generation, but the hottest part of all science fiction movies, was when she played Lieutenant Carmen Ibanez in Spaceship Troopers. 

Of course, women occupy an important place in the history of science fiction, and there are many female readers and writers of the genre, but they are one of the most impressive women in the science fiction industry. The latest film to be made available to a woman in science fiction is Star Trek: The Next Generation, starring actress Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Carmen Ibanez in Spaceship Troopers, the first in a series of films about an officer in space.

Ripley (Battlestar Galactica)

Ripley is an icon and was elevated to legend status by Sigourney Weaver and is considered by many to be one of the most important female figures in the history of science fiction. Of course, there are many other great female science fiction characters, but this is a female Battlestar Galactica character that I find even more evil than Starbuck. There are many women you see like Sarah Connor But there is only one woman who is believed to have been like Ripley. 

Nyota Uhura

The roles available to women in science fiction tend to go out of their way to fit into a number of types, or more precisely stereotypes. The success of Uhura should never be forgotten, as it paved the way for so many other female characters in science fiction and fantasy, and should never have been paved. I can roughly call her one of the most important female characters in the history of science fiction, and that shows how limited the possibilities really are for different characters. 

The creation of such lists is always open to discussion, and I am sure that some of my favourites are not on this list. No doubt this has left many freaky – obsessed – science fiction women in the comments section of this article, but be sure to check out the next installment of the Sexiest Science Fiction Characters series. 


In skimpy outfits, coupled with a strong self-confidence – confidence and a willingness to challenge authority figures – Aeon is one of the hottest characters in science fiction films. She’s also the most popular character for cosplay on Flingster, the adult video sex chat app. Scarlett Johansson is sexy, brilliant and evil, and there’s actually sex in this 2014 film. Here is a woman who is best alone, but there are many hot women who look the part given her age, her sex appeal and the fact that she is female. 

Katniss Everdeen

On screen and off, Katniss Everdeen is an obviously ridiculous name, but she has become one of the hottest female characters in science fiction films. During her career, Milla Jovovich has played the role of Alice, who is killed by zombies in Resident Evil, as well as a number of other roles in sci-fi and fantasy films.