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Some Of The Hottest Science Fiction Babes Available

  • Princess Leia Organa – Leia has huge soft eyes, a killer set of tits and you’ll want to shout at the top of your lungs. This slutty Princess could suck on your cock for hours.
  • Aeon Flux – Aeon has been getting out a little wild and exploring a lot. She likes things that go in both ways, like double anal action and even threesomes.
  • Major Mira Killian – From Ghost in the Shell, Major’s been working to protect the Earth and take care of things. Major’s always had great tits, and she’s all about curvy bodies and exciting, but quiet kinky sex. She likes the traditional girl on girl scene as much as any dick.
  • Buffy Summers – Teen superhero here to save the Earth and make you cum by sucking your cock off and taking it in the ass! Buffy’s got one of the best figures out there, and that gives her quite a healthy pair of titties, as well.
  • Lots more are available to! Just select from the list once you’ve signed up.

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This is one website we’d highly recommend. Try it out and get off on hearing all about it, live or in your mind. You may be surprised at how these sexy ladies talk dirty to you, and all you have to do is call in and start jerking it.