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The Dealers’ Room (additionally referred to some as the Hucksters’ Room) is the Worldcon’s shopping center. About 200 tables spread out with all that you can consider – yet particularly books. DVDs, funnies, prints, dress. Did we make reference to the books? Multiplication weaponry. Model units. Gems. Goodness yes – and the books. A great many them. Many thousands, indeed, from many vendors, from uncommon, second hand and classicist to new deliveries and surprisingly pre-discharges.

Events Rundown

The accompanying sellers are affirmed for the Renovation Dealers’ . We have incorporated a key to the head type(s) of product every seller will sell.


Art and Crafts
Books and Magazines (includes publishers, small presses and bookshops)
Comics & Graphic NovelsGeneral & Other
Textiles, clothing and/or costumes.

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