The Film Festival Event

Remodel is eager to have the Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival!

The Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival will exhibit the best film shorts, highlights and trailers from around the world, represent considerable authority in the sci-fi, dream, loathsomeness and comic classifications. We are right now working diligently amassing the best and the most abnormal movies to feature at our celebration.

The celebration proverb is “A grandstand for movie producers to share their works and for individuals to encounter”.

Sections and Schedule

We are currently shut to new passages (be that as it may, we have left the section data online here for data as it were).

You can find out pretty much every one of the passages here. The rundown remembers nitty gritty data for each film just as connections to sites and online trailers where accessible. Why not investigate or even watch a portion of the movies online when you have a couple of moments to save?

We have likewise now distributed our temporary timetable for the Festival. Snap here or on the picture underneath to download it in PDF design.

Special Logo

Producers with acknowledged passages can download the logo beneath and place it on their sites and other exposure materials to advance both the Renovation Film Festival and their filmes, whenever they have been chosen for show at the show.

Film Festival – Selected Entry Logo

(This logo is additionally accessible as a bigger, higher goal TIFF design document for use on paper distributions).


We will be giving financial honors for People’s Choice, first and second places just as extraordinarily planned Renovation Film Festival prizes and testaments.


For more data or any inquiries regarding the Film Festival if it’s not too much trouble, email Nat Saenz, Renovation Film Festival Director at movie

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